Sex and Zen 3D Breaks Ground

Sex_and_ZenNot content with being the cinematic event of our decade, the upcoming porno flick Sex and Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy is also breaking ground as one of the most innovative adult films ever to be released as well, with a new distribution tactic that has never been seen before.

When the film is released next year the producers will be offering different cuts to cater to the censorship standards and cultural tastes in different regions, and they will be encouraging buyers to “pick and choose” edits, not only for their regions, but also for theatrical and DVD releases, to address the censorship concerns of various territories. In other words the interested buyers will be able to customize and modify the film to suit their own needs.

So far this unconventional approach seems to be working, as the rights to the title have already been snatched up for Italy, France, Peru, Russia, and Singapore during the American Film Market, after an eight-minute preview in 3D was screened. Rights were also pre-sold for New Zealand, Australia and Korea in Cannes.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the film (yeah, right) the HK$20 million porno work of art claims to be one of the first adult films to be shot entirely in stereoscopic 3D (not technically correct). The film is loosely based on the erotic novel The Carnal Prayer Mat and is a follow up to Stephen Shiu’s 1991 blockbuster Sex and Zen (which had sex scenes shot using the same techniques and style as seen in popular ‘wire fu’ action films) and which took in HK$20 million at the box office and held the record as the top grossing Category III film for 17 years. Sex and Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy stars Japanase AV beauties Saori Hara and Reiko Suho, plus Leni Lan, Yukiko Suô, Hiro Hayama, Vonnie Lui, Tony Ho, and Irene Chen. The digital effects house behind the film are also the same dudes responsible for the 3D conversion of Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas, so you know this is not going to be tacky 3D either.

The film’s producers say the film is already generating a buzz in mainland China, where sex scenes and nudity are systematically censored. Six travel agencies have even sought to advance bookings for Chinese tourists to see the movie.

Imdb synopisis here:

Clip from the set:

Trailer here:

Originally published in the now defunct The Dark Side Hong Kong, 2010


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